We had a great time tonight at Paybase HQ co-hosting the fourth in their series of collaborative workshops, which was all about marketing and PR.

The audience was an engaged marketplace crowd and it was great to spot our friends from AnyGood?, Harth and RoomForTea amongst others. Our very own Gang Leader Elle kicked off, sharing her thoughts on how marketing for marketplaces is different, followed by guest speaker Graeme Risby from Hiyacar talking about what has worked for his carshare platform.

After the break, Paybase’s Jessy Conflon talked about digital marketing for two-sided platforms, then GangHut’s very own Mike Monteith shared his thoughts on creating marketplace marketing campaigns. Read more about the event and see some pictures here.

After the talks, there was a prize draw to win a free place on a GangHut bootcamp, which was won by Anjan from GigZoo, a new ‘Airbnb for talent’ platform.

Thanks Paybase for a great evening, we can’t wait for the next workshop.