What a week it’s been at the Hut. We hit San Francisco ready for a tour of Airbnb HQ on Monday with the Marketplace Risk sharing economy Global Summit (pictured – Gang Leader Elle on the right next to Derek Smith, Airbnb General Counsel).

The summit kicked off the next day with introductory speeches from sharing economy organisations and experts from all over the world. Elle is on the steering committee for the summit which will take place in London in 2020, so plenty to discuss.

On Wednesday, the Marketplace Risk conference took place, an incredible event with nearly 50 sessions of useful and practical subject matter, from investors, founders, executives, lawyers and managers, to operators, developers, data analysts and customer success representatives. No marketplace stone is unturned – from risk management, trust & safety, digital identity, payments & fraud, compliance, regulatory & insurance – to crisis management & communications and product and technology innovation. Elle spent the afternoon delivering her workshop, “Effectively Communicating Trust & Safety” after a morning watching some of the over 100 speakers.

The next day, the Global Summit continued, with a series of panels – Elle this time talking on a panel titled ‘Avoiding Government Regulation: Adopting Standards And Certifications’, alongside Attorney Kevin van ‘t Klooster and Hideaki Ninomiya, Secretariat, Sharing Economy Association Japan.

It was a phenomenal experience to be part of such a great event and meet so many like-minded organisations and marketplace participants. Will GangHut be there next year? Try and stop us…